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Enagic Kangen Water


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Here are some ways I LOVE to use
the different pH waters...

Strong Kangen Water
11.5 pH

Drinking Kangen Water
8.5, 9.0. & 9.5 pH 

Clean Water
7.0 pH

Strong Acidic Water
2.5 pH 

- Soak fruits & veggies for a minimum
of 5 minutes to clean off pesticides
- Use 1 to 2 quarts per load of
laundry in place of laundry soap. 

- Pre-rinse all fruits, vegetables and meat and let sit for one minute before soaking in 11.5 
- Use it for disinfecting anything

- Drink with fast dissolving medication
- Drink with meals only if necessary

- Cook all soups with 9.5

Kangen translated means "return to origin"

"Enagic's Kangen water has changed my life in more ways than one! I used to HATE drinking water. Now, one of my favorite drinks is Kangen water! Being an independent distributor has taught me so many new skills and I love introducing people to 'dare I say' my favorite purchase of my life!"
- Abigail 

These are just some ways I use the different pH levels of Kangen water. There are actually many more uses for the different types.
FOR ENAGIC PURCHASES, please email to order.

Beauty Water
6.0 pH

- Water indoor & outdoor plants for helping grow. 


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