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- Dyslexia Awareness
- Story Time
- Writing Process
- Self-Publishing

school Visits

Topics Include:

If you have a different topic in mind, please reach out with details.

Even though Abigail loves to travel, it's not the right fit for every time. Virtual author visits are another great option. 

All school visit topics are
available virtually.

virtual Visits

It is vital for teachers to know about dyslexia before getting their own classroom regardless of the grade, subject, or specific area.

This opportunity provides the chance to learn about the challenges and strengths that come with dyslexia. In addition to more information on dyslexia and how it effects life
at school and at home. 

University Visits

Abigail loves sharing her message! She can do book readings or speak on multiple topics.

If time permits, a trip to your event location is possible. Virtual options are also available.

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Roy T. Bennett

"Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty.
Act with integrity."

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