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September 20, 2023

Words I Struggle to Spell As A Dyslexic – Part 2

These are some examples of words that I have personally spelled wrong or struggled to spell at some point. That doesn’t mean each time I go to write or type one of these words it has to be a struggle. Sometime I can get them on the first try and others it takes me a minute to figure out how to spell it. Here is the link if you missed part 1.

Let’s get into Part 2…

The Words

  1. available – This is a tricky one. On the first try, I use write or type something like “avialble”. I’m only missing one ‘a’ and rearranging a little bit. I type my misspelled version into google so much that it came up automatically and then gave me the correct way to spell the word.
  2. special – For some reason this word always seems off to me. This word should be easier given the fact that my degree is in special education, but it isn’t. Many times I will search or ‘speech to text’ it to make sure it is correct.
  3. perseverance – Are we sure this one doesn’t have another ‘r’ after the ‘se’. When writing this word I will add the letter and it will look right to me. This is considered to be a dyslexic strength and something I often talk about at school visits when discussing dyslexia
  4. self-esteem – For one the hyphen throws me off. It only gets worse at the second part. I can’t ever seem to remember if it one ‘s’ or two. I know that some letter is repeated and in my head it is very rarely the ‘e’ that I write as doubled.
  5. what/want – These are words that I will write for the other. At a second (or tenth) look at an email, I noticed that I accidently wrote the wrong word. I know what each of these mean but my brain will be on auto and write the other one instead. I see this switch, like left and right. I know the difference but my brain will sometimes switch them without me realizing right away.

What are some words that you commonly misspell?

There are so many words to choose from when thinking about words misspelled. It doesn’t happen every time I write the word either. Something I recently talk about was trusting yourself.

I think this can be more difficult when you sometimes can’t actually trust yourself, no matter how much you’d like to. I know that I have to read something several times and if no one else reads it, I could still have multiple errors.

It is all about finding a balance between the two but I do think it is important for someone who struggles with trusting themselves in spelling (or something else) to find even just one thing that they can trust themselves with. It is important to know what that feeling is like!

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