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October 25, 2023

Meet the Character: Anthony

Anthony is the main character for the second book in The Empower Empathy Early Series. He recently moved into his grandfather’s house with his mom. He grandfather’s friend and neighbor, Mr. Holt, tells Anthony about the local theater holding auditions. Even though Anthony has never done anything in theater before he decides to give it a try.

“Mr. Holt! Mr. Holt!” Anthony cried, racing outside. “I made it. I got a part in the musical!”

– A is for Anthony Not ADHD –

Anthony faces some challenges practicing for the show. He uses some tools, timers and fidgets, to help him. He gets to showcase a huge ADHD strength of hyperfocus during the dance rehearsals. Anthony easily loses track of time during them and picks up the dances easily. He also helps save the show, find out how in A is for Anthony Not ADHD.

Meet Anthony today in “A is for Anthony Not ADHD”, the second book in The Empower Empathy Early Series. Click Here to Purchase Now.

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