Darcy was the first character ever created for The Empower Empathy Early Series. She is a second grader who is creative, passionate, and hardworking. She loves to draw and paint anything but especially the places she aspires to travel to someday. Darcy’s experience with dyslexia is based on Abigail’s own personal experience in school. The […]

Children's Books, Dyslexia

May 8, 2023

Meet the Character: Darcy

Children's Book Cover "D is for Darcy Not Dyslexia' by Abigail Griebelbauer Illustrated by Cecilia Edwards. The background is a purple texted background with the Title in a oval shape. The border of the oval is filled with letters, stars, and numbers all over the place. Darcy, a girl with red hair, and freckles is sitting at the desk in a pink stripped shirt. Books are stacked on one side of the desk with a pen and paper on the other, and a open book in front of the girl.