(QFK) Questions from Kids is a series of questions Abigail has gotten while speaking at school visits or elsewhere from kids. Check out the series to see insightful questions asked from children. Why did you write your first book? Writing my first book was a pretty fast decision. I saw an opportunity to learn how […]

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June 10, 2023

QFK: Why did you write your first book?

White envelope filled with purple flowers on green stems. One green stem with about 4 small purple flowers is overlayed on the envelope.


Dear friends,  Don’t let the title decieve (deceive) you. This is not an apologie (apology) letter. This is a letter to our friends, family, bosses, coworkers, and anyone else in our lives who may not understand what it means to be dyslexic. It is so much more than just struggling with reading and writing, but […]

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April 7, 2023

Sorry for the Typos. A Letter from your Dyslexic Friend.